Dina LeDuke

Bohemian Arts, Tarot, and Magick

Mme. Dina LeDuke is a skilled practitioner of many Bohemian arts, first and foremost of which is the art of Divination. She is a very accurate and intuitive Psychic, in tune with both the Tarot cards and spiritual energies. She comes from a family background of folk magic and psychic ability, knowing from childhood that she had special gifts. She grew up in Salem, MA and has extensively studied the Magickal arts of Celtic Wicca, Italian Strega, New Orleans Hoodoo, Spiritualism, Reiki, and other esoteric practices. Dina is also an ordained Minister; you may call on her for weddings and home blessings, as well as ghost investigations, séances, and teaching classes in Magickal subjects. She helps all who are sincerely in need of spiritual guidance. She lives in Central Massachusetts and can travel to nearby areas for events and parties; she can do individual consultations at her home studio; and she can also do readings by phone.

Areas covered include:

Love, Relationships, Family, and Health

Career,  Finances, and Legal Issues

Future Goals for Self and Loved Ones

Spiritual Concerns of Any Kind

dinaleduke@yahoo.com      774.200.9491      facebook.com/madame.dina.leduke
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